Zesro Technologies

We build products people really love and helps to save time & money. We help companies to meet right customers.

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Our Expertise

Affiliate Marketing

If you are an eCommerce company and want to increase your sales, we can help you to get more conversions.

Lead Generation

If you are looking for more leads for your business, we can help you to get quality leads through our marketing channels.

App Installations

If you want to promote your app to get more installations, we can certainly help you to achieve that with our native advertising.

User Acquisition

We can help you to reach the right customers for any niche, thus helps you to get more conversions.



We have developed a great partnership with Zesro, their proactive and diligent work had earned our trust from the get go. One of the most dedicated and constantly available teams we have worked with. We believe taking swift action to the campaigns sent and their optimization towards them, are the showcase of their exceptional performance.


It has been a very smooth journey working with Zesro for the past 1 year. You ask for quick responses, smooth processes, easy-to-use or product itself, they have got it all! We are really looking forward to working with them in future with a stronger bond.


Partnering up with Zesro has been an absolute delight this past year. We have been able to maximize our conversions for some of our top advertisers and hit better targets with the site’s persistent growth. We are proud to have Zesro as part of our affiliate network.